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Spectator Information


  • No Sitting On The Floors In The Hallway
  • No Sleeping Bags
  • No Outside Chairs In the Hallway or Spectator Area
  • No Coolers
  • No Dogs (Seeing Eye Dogs Allowed)
  • No Obstructing Others View:
    – Posters Limited To 8.5 X 11
    – No Standing Along Stadium Seating Railings
    – No Flags on Poles
  • No Saving Seating Areas (Large Block of Area)
  • No Noise Makers
  • No Cords (Video, Computer, Extension Cords, ETC)
  • No Flash Photography
  • No Glass
  • No Helium Balloons

Disabled Spectators

The pool is accommodating for Disabled spectators\swimmers. Please contact Aquatic Director, Marshall Goldman, for assistance with accommodations.